Monday, September 11, 2006

Martial Arts/Fitness

Taekwondo - Wooho 3 Dojang, Master Park teaches Koreans & Foreigners:

  • Manager is Mi Jung Kang and she speaks English. Phone or drop by for information.
  • Classes for kids and adults.
  • Class times vary.
  • Women only class: 9-10 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Location: above the old Lecaf store on the street that Baskin Robbins is on (opposite side of the street). Third floor.
  • Phone: 055-688-1117, 3180

Kumdo (Gumdo) - Master Lee teaches Koreans & Foreigners:
  • Classes for kids and adults.
  • Times: 3-4, 5-6, 7:30-8:30, 9-10 pm
  • Have someone who speaks Korean phone him or drop by his gym for information.
  • Location: from Beverly Hills 3 walk towards town & at the first light cross the street & turn left. At the next street turn right, walk past the recycle dump, & 1 building from the end of the block on the right is the gym. Second floor.
  • Phone: 055-687-8584 or 055-681-8236


  • There are many gyms around. The Admiral Hotel has one, but if you're willing to drive to Gohyeon, the one at The Geoje Island Hotel (Samsung) is better. All of the equipment is new and there are many treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes, and various other machines and weights. They also have a swimming pool, a small outdoor area with a few chairs for in the summer (accessed through the pool area), and good changing rooms.

Water Sports:

  • Just past Gohyeon as you go down the hill there is a windsurfing club you can join. You can also pay for waterskiing, wakeboarding, banana boat and other water sports from the dock there.
  • In Jangseungpo there is another windsurfing club. Drive past the main road into the town and take a left at the next light down to a gravel beach on the right.

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